Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.


As noted in the email communication:

Here is the format for Sunday (June 10th): 

  • All games suspended will pick-up where they left off. 
  • All Pool Play games will be 1hr 30 minutes (of playing time) OR 4 innings, whichever is first. NOTE: we estimated time play already played for suspended games, thus the 2nd game on the field will start approximately at that time (+/- 5 minutes, so we need to keep moving - - - i.e. 8:45am, 9am or 9:15am for second games on the field).
  • All games will start upon completion of the prior game (i.e. could be early). So be at the field and be ready to go if we have the opportunity to start pool play games earlier. Semi-Final and Finals will be close to planned start time.
  • Pitch count for Sunday will be the lesser of 75 pitches (10A) for the day OR pitches remaining based on Friday & Saturday total pitches thrown.