Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.
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Minnetonka High School Baseball Fundraiser
Please show your support for Minnetonka Skippers Baseball by...
Important Veterans Field Rules
Minnetonka High School Baseball Fundraiser

Please show your support for Minnetonka Skippers Baseball by helping out with this fundraiser.  Simply download this free app and you will receive all scheduled High School baseball events (along with other Minnetonka High School activities as well, i.e. dance, gymnastics, track and field etc...).  You will also receive bi-monthly coupons from local merchants.  Minnetonka Skippers Baseball will receive 50% of all proceeds.

Let's get this fundraiser started strong!  If local merchants know that there is a large interest they will want to participate.  

by posted 11/18/2015
Important Veterans Field Rules

by posted 03/13/2015
Field Status
Bandimere #2 - Chanhassen OPEN (11/30) 
Bandimere #3 - Chanhassen OPEN (11/30) 
Bennett 1 - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Bennett 2 - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Bennett 3B - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Bennett 3C - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Bennett 3D - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Bennett 4 - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Bennett 5-TC Orthopedics - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Big Willow - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Cathcart - Shorewood OPEN (11/30) 
Excelsior Commons - Excelsior OPEN (11/30) 
Freeman 1-Maynards - Shorewood OPEN (11/30) 
Freeman 2 - Shorewood OPEN (11/30) 
Freeman 3-Youngstedts - Shorewood OPEN (11/30) 
Freeman 5 - Shorewood OPEN (11/30) 
Lake Susan - Chanhassen OPEN (11/30) 
Manitou SW-Cambria - Tonka Bay OPEN (11/30) 
MHS Lower Field - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 
Veterans Field - Minnetonka OPEN (11/30) 

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